Posada Santiago Guesthouse

Calle 57 No. 552, x 68 y 68, Centro Historico C.P. 97000
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

Telephone: 52 999 290 27 00

Arc of the Dragoons

The Arcs of Merida were constructed around the year of 1690, under the Government of General Juan Jose de Barcena. They were constructed to delineate the center the capital from those "outside the walls" where most of the natives lived, and to adorn the streets, and were intended to be the gates for a wall around the core of the city.
Arc of the Bridge

Neighborhoods developed at the center and in the "suburbs." The center with its Cathedral and government palaces was reserved for the Spanish. Indigenous Mexicans brought from the central part of Mexico by the Spanish occupied San Cristobal in the south. In the west was Santiago, where Mayan domestic workers resided. In the north was Santa Lucia, home to the Blacks and Mulattos.

Arc of Saint John

As the city developed the street layout, with perfect parallels and perpendiculars, was lost. Fearing loss of control, the government planned a wall around the old city. But according to a publication of the Museum of the City of Merida, the walls were never completed. Three gates remain and can be seen at San Juan and along 50th Street where 61st and 63rd Streets intersect. These gates are unique in all of Mexico and well worth seeing.

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