Posada Santiago Guesthouse

Calle 57 No. 552, x 68 y 68, Centro Historico C.P. 97000
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

Telephone: 52 999 290 27 00

Progreso Beach Malacon Some 25 miles north of Merida is the beach town of Progreso, on the Gulf of Mexico. Progreso is the main port for the State of Yucatan, daily unloading and reloading freighters from around the world. On two or three days each week, Progreso is a port of call for cruise ships. A company called The Shuttle has announced that they expect to begin a passenger and car ferry service from Tampa to Progreso in the fall of 2008.

Sandy beaches, tshirt and snack vendors, itinerate sellers on the beach, and tiki huts attached to restaurants are some of the features of Progreso Beach.

Progreso is a great day trip from Merida. There is almost always a breeze. During the hot days of summer, a dip in the Gulf of Mexico is a real treat. And sitting under one of the beach huts, having a cold drink is another. There is a bus every half hour, and a van service running continuously from Merida.

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